Best Designer Clothing from India

Designer Custom made dresses!

Custom made dresses are always a good option for someone who is looking for very specific clothing. With a custom made dress, you can weave your own style and creativity to the item, making sure your individuality shines through the dress. A custom made dress has the capability of being the exact product that you’ve been looking for because it is made exactly how you wanted it. At Mayloz Designer Studio, we offer the most beautiful custom made dresses available online. If you wish to order a custom made dresses from Mayloz, you’ll find that the dress is tailored just for your measurements, with the use of the highest quality fabrics. We have a large array of designs to take your fancy so that you get the best dress you could possibly have. If you aren’t sure of what you’re looking for, have no fear! Simply visit our website, where you can get inspired by the multitude of different designs and colors that our models present with the available dresses. Everything is priced affordably because we at Mayloz are prepared to help you look stylish for just the right prices. Our custom dresses are made to wow you! They’re tailored to perfection to compliment all of your most defining and beautiful features so that you can feel amazing, by looking amazing! You can add your very own touch of flair and personalization with the custom made dresses that we offer here at Mayloz. Shop for custom made dresses at the online Mayloz Designer Studio today!

Better than off-the-rack dresses.

The custom made dresses we have at Mayloz Designer Studio will ensure that you never want to shop for normal, off-the-rack pieces that you usually find in retail outlet stores, because our custom, specially tailored dresses will give you a much sharper look that is sure to impress! You can get the best fit with custom made dresses, and you can show off your body in the most flattering way. Our custom made dresses are well-adjusted to your personal measurements. What’s more is that at Mayloz, we only employ the use of the most quality materials. With off-the-rack stuff, quality is not prioritized, but here at Mayloz, quality is a big factor when we tailor our dresses for you. We strongly believe that you deserve nothing but the best!

Splendid, stylish sarees for you!

At Mayloz Designer studio, we’ve got some of the most fashionable designer sarees, made from beautiful fabrics. They’ll fit you for the most glamorous of occasions, and we’re sure your friends will be dying to know where you got you saree from. We have a selection of fabrics for you to choose from so that our designers can tailor the most gorgeous and flattering sarees for you. They can be made exactly how you want it, with your feedback. Our designers are always ready to listen to your ideas. Shop for designer sarees at Mayloz!

Dresses of all styles!

If you visit our website, you can browse through a wide array of beautiful gowns, a few of which are sure to take your fancy due to how elegant and beautiful the gowns are tailored. We have the best collection of party gowns, as well as gowns tailored for all occasions, all available here at Mayloz. We have maxi dresses, A-line dresses, designer sarees, kurtas, shorter knee-length dresses and Anarkali dresses, all made to appeal to your fashion senses.

You can select the fabric, at Mayloz!

At Mayloz Designer Studio, you can select the fabrics from which your custom dress will be made from. You can choose from cotton, wool, artificial fibers, silk, blended natural fibers, satin, lace, and many more before the process for your custom dress to be made begins, so that you get the perfect dress which suits your environment, mood, and occasion.

Stylish custom made bespoke clothes at Mayloz Designer Studio

Mayloz Designer Studio also has the best, most stylish bespoke clothing that is custom made for men, women, and children. Our studio will provide you with the best custom menswear made out of the finest fabrics. Are you looking for the perfect suit? Visit our website, because we’re sure to have your suit ready to be custom made to fit your tastes! Our tailors here at Mayloz studio prepare clothing made to the individual buyer’s specifications to the minutest detail; you can trust us to deliver the most satisfactory custom bespoke clothes to your doorstep!


Clothes made for your taste!

With our range of bespoke clothing, you can highlight your personal style! When you buy ready-made clothes, there will certainly be a limit as to how much your persona is reflected into those clothes. They are not made with consideration to your tastes. Not to worry, because you can visit us at Mayloz to get the right clothing that allows you to bring out your individuality with your closet, because you are the ones who get to influence the final project. Additionally, custom made clothes offer you with a route that is controllable and straightforward.

Wedding dresses? We’ve got them for you!

Are you looking for a modern and stylish wedding dress that’s tailored to your exact taste? Your solution is at Mayloz Designer Studio! We bring your dream dress vision to life with our beautiful custom made wedding dresses, and they’re priced so that you can afford them without any hassle. We know how hard it can be to shop for a wedding dress while planning a wedding. Some of us just aren’t cut out for the stress of walking all over town to hunt for a dress that may not even exist outside of our subconscious. But at Mayloz Designer Studio, you can get the most beautiful wedding dresses which are custom made, and you can get them from the comfort of your own home by shopping online! Here at Mayloz, we offer the most exquisite online shopping interactions for you to feel at ease. You no longer have to go through the fuss of having to try on hundreds of wedding dresses. Shop at Mayloz for your very own custom made wedding dress!

Vintage dresses and more, at Mayloz Designer Studio!

Our custom made wedding dresses are made by top expert designers with consideration of the most modern and stylish trends so that we can truly deliver the dress of your dreams! If you’re a girl who isn’t all too awed by the modern-day trends in fashion, that’s okay too Here at Mayloz Designer Studio, our designers can tailor wedding dresses which have a more vintage and classy flair to it, made to perfection to please your wedding dress needs and cravings, all while staying within your budget. We can help you get the wedding dress of your dream, one that’s going to wow your family members and friends when they see how gorgeous and elegant you look in your custom made wedding dress from Mayloz. Our dedicated designers are prepared to provide you with dresses made from any fabrics that you can think of, whether it be silk, satin, lace, or more. What’s more perfect than having the dress of your dreams delivered right to your doorstep, without a worry on your wallet? Shop at Mayloz to find out just how amazing your online shopping experience can be! We have the best and most beautiful custom made wedding dresses at affordable prices!

Matching bride-and-groom wedding dresses and suits for couples!

Do you dream of the perfect wedding where the bride and groom are dressed spectacularly in matching sets? You’ve come to the right place because at Mayloz Designer Studio we offer matching custom made bride-and-groom wedding dresses and suits! You can get the trendiest, and the most stylish matching sets here at Mayloz. We know how hard it can be to hunt for a matching bride-and-groom set, which is why our designers have given it their all to manufacture the most beautiful sets, at affordable prices, just for you!

Your wedding day is definitely one of the most important days in your life, and you’re going be able to get so many cherishable memories from the blessed day. We’re sure that everyone dreams of looking their absolute best on their wedding day, and we at Mayloz can help you do just that!

Get inspired for the perfect wedding dress at Mayloz!

Our wedding dresses are made to wow you, you won’t be able to find any other dresses that are as perfect and beautifully tailored at the dresses we have in our Mayloz Designer Studio. Furthermore, if you’re stuck and looking for inspiration on how to think up the perfect wedding dress, we can help you because our models are always here to inspire you to see the most vivid picture of your dream dress. Our designers can provide you with any information about how the dress can be tailored to fit you perfectly as well, and they can let you know which styles would be most flattering for you, after considering everything that’s important, because, at Mayloz, we offer it all.

Beautiful Indian styled wedding dresses and suits

If you’re an Indian bride, or if you’re someone who wants to add a bit of flair to your wedding with an Indian theme, then we’re ready to tell you that we can help you get the best matching bride-and-groom wedding dress sets available online. For grooms, we have elegant and debonair Nehru style coats and suits, while for females, we have color-coordinated sarees and Anarkali style dresses. Our dresses have the most fabulous prints which are sure to provide statements to your outfits. Our wedding dresses and suits are manufactured with fabric which is of the best quality. The best part is that here at Mayloz, we provide an online shopping experience that allows you to choose from a multitude of different fabrics which will be used to tailor the gowns, suits, and dresses of your choice, exactly to your taste! This ensures that you get to go through the magical experience of your wedding, dressed in the outfits of your dreams, all at affordable prices! Shop at Mayloz to make your wedding even more special!


High-quality custom made wedding dresses. At affordable prices!

The wedding dresses offered at Mayloz are designer dresses so that you’re assured of the high quality we implement when we manufacture and tailor our dresses. We hope that this gives you all the incentive that you need to shop for wedding dresses at Mayloz, because we’re the best online clothing store that you can find, and our clothing items are much better, more unique, and they are definitely more elegant than the items you can find in normal retail outlet stores. Worry not, for all of our prices are made to be affordable because we can help you achieve the most stylish and the trendiest looks, all on a budget!

Shop at Mayloz Designer Studio, for the best wedding dresses!

All your wedding dress needs, as well as your groom clothing needs-if you’re a guy, can be handled at Mayloz Designer Studio. We’re the best online clothing store, and we have everything you could possibly dream of to throw the perfect wedding. Trust us when we say that your friends and family are going to be bedazzled when they witness how elegant, charming, debonair, and beautiful you look when you’re dressed in our custom made wedding dresses and suits. So what are you waiting for? Shop here at Mayloz Designer Studio, for the best dress you can dream of!

The best bridesmaid dresses for you

At Mayloz Designer Studio, we offer more than just wedding dresses. We, as an online shopping website realize that for a wedding, it doesn’t just stop at dresses for the bride. We consider the whole bridal party, and we have a wide array of beautiful, elegant, and unique bridesmaid dresses. Our dresses range from being simple to stunning and bold. Our designers are available for you to consult with so that your bridesmaid dresses can be tailored according to a theme or in any way that you want it to be made in because we want your input on everything here at Mayloz.

Pick your dress, you can choose from so many!

For your bridesmaid dresses, like all our dresses, we have a range of fabrics for you to choose from, as it can be tailored exactly to your particular taste. Bridal parties are usually quite busy with planning the wedding events and whatnot, so shopping online for your bridesmaid dresses at Mayloz is a fun way for you to find your dresses without going through the stressful process of running from store to store. You can have a sleepover with your bridal party, and you can get your custom made bridesmaids dresses from the comfort of your own home in an interactive shopping experience which you won’t be able to get from any other website, because, at Mayloz, we have what you want, and much more!

Visit our website today!

Your bridal dresses can be embroidered, stitched and tailored to perfection, here at Mayloz. Our models showcase the most amazing dresses available online today, and we’re sure you can get some ideas to inspire you to decide upon the best bridal dress for you. Just hop on over to our website to get started. We’re all-inclusive of sizes as well, and our bridal dresses can be made for any size. We assure you that you’re going to look gorgeous and spectacular if you choose us to dress you for a wedding event!

Mommy-and-me outfits, the best online!

Are you looking for cute mommy-and-me outfits? At Mayloz Designer Studio, we have just the stuff for you! Shop here for the cutest outfits for you and your baby! You can get a huge selection of cute matching outfits for you and your child. Trust us when we say that you’ll be the envy of other mothers all over the world because it doesn’t get any cuter than the outfits we have for you. Shop our outfits at our online store for the most affordable prices, here at Mayloz!

Trendy outfits for you and your child

Mommy-and-me outfits are certainly a growing trend for mothers all over the globe. Most retail stores aren’t prepared to offer such outfits to their customers, but here at Mayloz, we’ve got the stuff you’re looking for! We have all sorts of outfits for you and your baby to catch up on, all of which will make sure you look chic, elegant and stylish. Who says moms can’t be trendy?

Outfits for all seasons!

We have outfits for all occasions here at Mayloz Designer Studio. You can even get your mommy-and-me outfits custom made! We’re providing you with the chance to show off you and your baby, as a family, dressed in our items. We have the most gorgeous outfits for you and your child. We have winter outfits, Christmas themed outfits, outfits for summer, cute springtime matching sets, and many more! Visit our website to browse through our collection today. We make online shopping easy for you and we know you’ll love everything we have to offer.

Amazing collections here at Mayloz Designer Studio!

You can easily shop for our items on our website. We’re definitely the easiest website to shop from, and we deliver your items to you safe and sound. At Mayloz, we aspire to get you up to date with the best and most stylish trends. Our mommy-and-me outfits are just one example of how amazing our collections are. We have outfits of all shapes and sizes. Wouldn’t you like to see your baby daughter in a cute princess outfit? Or your son in a dashing cowboy outfit? We can get all of that, and more for you here at Mayloz Designer Studio.

Cutest children’s collection!

Our children’s clothing section is filled with cute, stylish clothes for your child. We have just about the best collection of children’s clothes from an online shop, and everything is priced affordably, for your benefit. We have some of the most adorable baby outfits, and we’re sure you’d love to dress your child up.

Children’s custom made clothes!

You can even have your baby’s clothes custom made here at Mayloz Designer Studio. Our designers are always here to lend their ears so that the clothes can be tailored exactly how you want it. We always take your ideas into consideration, and if you’re looking for inspiration, you can browse through our collections, because you are sure to get creative ideas about how you want your baby’s clothes to be made. We give you the freedom of choosing how your baby’s clothes are tailored, which is a service you can’t attain from retail stores with ready-made clothes. Shop at Mayloz for cute baby clothes!

Gift your loved ones with our help!

You can even give our clothes as gifts! Do you have a friend who’s an expectant mother? Why don’t you surprise her with the cutest baby clothes available online, here at Mayloz! Trust us when we say that your friend will love it. Our clothes make great gifts, so be sure to browse through our collections if you’re gift hunting. We make it an interactive and easy experience for you to shop for gifts at our online website.

Designer garment, at Mayloz! Shop celebrity clothing items here!

Our designer garments of the highest quality. We refuse to give our customers nothing but the best, here at Mayloz. We want you to feel perfectly comfortable when you shop at our online store. A Mayloz, our goal is to supply you with the most stylish, trendiest clothes out in the market today. This includes the clothes which are being set into trends by famous celebrities all over the world. Our clothes are sure to impress you, as we have styles that celebrities incorporate into their wardrobes on a daily basis. And what’s more stylish than dressing up as a celebrity? So shop with us if you want to keep up with all the glamorous celebrities!

Send us your ideas!

We’re always open to hearing your feedback. At Mayloz Designer Studio, we want all of our customers to be content with the knowledge that their custom made items will be tailored to fit their tastes perfectly. This is why we’re inviting you to send your ideas to our designers. We’re sure that we can provide you with an unforgettable shopping experience with everything we have to offer. You won’t leave our website without being satisfied And we have everything set at affordable prices because we’re ready to respect the fact that you may be on a budget. Not to worry because we can help you look stylish, and up to date with all the modern trends, all at a budget. So shop at Mayloz Designer Studio for the best online shopping experience you can ever have!