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Designer Studio

Designer Studio

Haute Couture Collection by Mayloz Designer Studio

Handmade Custom-Fitted Bespoke Clothes

Want a custom wedding dresses or matching wedding dresses for a bride & groom this wedding season?

Are you searching for stylish bridesmaid dresses, me and mommy matching outfits or celebrity outfits?

Would you like to save more than 60% money on bespoke custom clothing than costly designer clothes?

If answers to all these questions are yes, then you are in the perfect place. 

Flaunt this festive season, by enjoying designer studio clothing with Mayloz in just simple 5 steps:

How Does It Work?

Action 1: Research, Analysis & Share:

Have some research work before you start designing your own wedding outfits and gowns. Collect some photos of designer dresses from your favorite fashion designers haute couture collection. Analyze your photo collection as per your requirements like body type, style, color combination, work patterns – whatever you want for your custom wedding dresses.

If you have a dilemma about designing the perfect tailor-made dresses, then contact us at any time regarding your query, our designers will help you.

Action 2: Free consultation and quotation:

Once we get your query, we will go through your requirements and will help you to design custom made dresses. We will give the best quotation for your bespoke custom clothing requirements with perfect body measurements, price and time. We will also help you to finalize color shade, fabric, and embroidery work for your custom suit.

Step 3: Place your order:

If you are totally satisfied and happy with our consultation services and quotations for your custom outfit, then just order your designer custom-tailored ethic wear from our website.

Step 4: Get FREE Samples:

Once you place the order, we will provide you the free samples of fabric, and color shades. In case of work or embellishments, we will also send your sample of small patchwork which we will embellish on your bespoke outfit. You will also get a sample dress in a plain fabric so that you will get sure with the perfect body measurements of your custom outfit.

Step 5: Finalize it:

After you finalize the color shade, fabric material, and other samples, give us some time to make ready your perfect fitted custom designer outfit. If you want any more customization at any time, you can any time reach us.

Step 6: Get your bespoke outfit at doorstep: Once your custom outfit is stitched, we deliver it to you at your doorstep. You will be notified with pictures at each step of the whole process of custom-made tailoring. You will be stunned with the too many steps that involved in designing your bespoke suits.

Don’t forget to check out the Haute Couture collection online at Mayloz.

Design Your own Custom Dresses

Mayloz is the best online store to design your own custom dresses according to women’s choices and preferences. Our Mayloz team of talented designers, skilled tailors, and quality control department guarantees that every custom-made outfit is designed with high quality and exactly same as your requirements.

Design your own wedding dresses, wedding gown, bridesmaid outfit, prom dress to maintain consistency. Not only flower girl dresses, celebrity style dresses, designer sarees but also you can design kids and men’s clothing online.

India's First Online Boutique offering custom made dresses, party wear gowns for women, wedding gowns for young girls, custom wedding dresses, in accordance with individual requirements. No need to pay high as you can customize your wedding dresses. Look for contemporary, Innovative, and attractive designer dresses for your wardrobe. Buy a designer outfit from our online retail store. Don’t follow the crowd by choosing mass-produced garments. You deserve a unique attire that’s specially curated for you only with perfect fitting.

Personalize Your Outfit as Per Your Requirements

Mayloz offers custom-made tailoring services to design your wedding dress or Bollywood celeb-inspired party wear gowns. You can opt for customization services to design your outfit for special occasions like birthday party, fresher party, night party or for different wedding ceremonies like sangeet, mehndi, cocktail party, or for a big wedding day.

For customization, you have requirements like to customize sleeves either long, short or medium length, length of your outfit, adding or removing straps, size of slits, different kind of embellishments, and many more. Just choose designs and give us your requirements, we will put our greatest efforts to design a unique outfit for you.

Wedding Dresses & Gowns

Every girl wants to look best at her wedding day with best wedding dresses or gowns, and we believe that every girl has specific requirements for her wedding outfit. Let Mayloz helps you to design your wedding lehenga instead of spending days to search for the perfect wedding outfit in too many shops.

Mayloz offers custom sizing services to give you perfectly sized wedding outfits that are tailor-made only for you as per your measurements. For a plus-size or petite bride, made-to-order dresses would be a perfect choice. These bespoke dresses will help you to feel more pretty and comfortable than ever on your big fat wedding.

We personalize wedding dresses & gowns as per your requirements. Get custom wedding dresses today only!

Recreate Couture & Red-Carpet Dresses

Mayloz offers the best services to recreate red-carpet dresses online in India. Wearing a red-carpet outfit is the best idea that will guarantee to make your head up for any special occasion, party or wedding. But, if you can’t afford those red-carpet gowns, then we will surely help you in this matter as we provide services to recreate couture & red-carpet dresses or gowns for you. You can even customize celeb-inspired red-carpet gowns and cocktail dresses as per you’re your custom requirements and as per fitting.

So, don’t waste much money on those expensive designer outfits. Shop couture evening gowns and red-carpet inspired cocktail dresses you dreamed for from Mayloz at astonishingly reasonable prices. Mayloz has years of experience in designing custom made red carpet dresses and stunning red-carpet gowns. Choose the best couture dresses online only at Mayloz.

Stand out with Made to Measure Clothing

Mayloz is the pioneer in online shopping for women’s Indian wear offering made-to-measure designer clothes designed by our in-house fashion designer. We stitch custom made designer dresses according to your sizes, as we believe in the concept that one does not need to try to fit in the dresses, but dresses should fit them!

Mayloz gives you a vast option for made-to-measure clothing for women, including:

•Cocktail Sarees •Haute Couture Outfits •Red Carpet Dresses •Bridal Dresses & Gowns •Custom Dresses for Plus Size •Indian Wedding Outfits •Customized Lehenga Cholis •Custom Made Party Dresses

Design Your Own Prom Dress Online

Prom outfits are unique, special as well as nostalgic. You always wish to stand apart from the crowd and look unique on that party night with a unique ensemble. You can design your own custom prom dress online only at Mayloz at economical prices. If you know exactly what shade, design, as well as textile you want, you could make the designer prom gown of your desires with a little aid from Mayloz.

Before you make an order to design your own outfit, make certain that you have your correct measurement details. You can also measure yourself from any tailor or dress designer. Try different outfits at any store, so, you have an idea about fabric, styles, and designs for your perfect party wear dresses. You must start this process before 1-2 months ago, so we can design it for you properly and that too as per your expectations.

If you do not need to look like the same girl at a prom night just with store-bought dresses, then go for custom made party dresses. We at Mayloz, lets you personalize evening dresses online. You only need to pick the color, fabric, style, neckline, work, and embellishments, and we will design party gown for you at very best prices. If you are searching for any celeb-inspired party gowns, then check it out on Mayloz for more inspiration, you will get it at very best prices.

Shop Customized Ethnic Wear Online

Ethnic wear is one of the utmost favorite clothing for women not only in India but a. Ethnic wear for women includes all kinds of traditional outfits that Indian people love to wear for different occasions and weddings. Normally women of different body type don’t get perfect dresses in the market in terms of fitting and sizes.

Though, there are too many choices are available in the market, not every readymade outfit fits each individual. So, we at Mayloz comes with a unique idea of Custom Tailored Women Ethnic Wear. You are free to choose any style of ethnic wear from our Designer Studio and we’ll design it for you as per your given customization requirements and measurements.

We offer every kind of Indian ethnic wear for women for custom tailoring. You are free to design designer Kurtis, custom tailored salwar kameez, celeb-inspired gowns, custom made wedding outfit, custom tailored Pakistani salwar kameez, custom made kids clothing, custom tailored men’s ethnic wear online in India. We offer to ship all around the world including USA, UK, Australia, UAE, and Hong Kong.

We offer services like to design Bollywood replicas, custom tailoring of Indian ethnic wear from Patiala salwar to straight salwar, from wedding lehengas to cocktail gowns, and even designer sarees. Mayloz always tries to make your shopping experience easy and comfortable.

Ethnic wear is a mixture of style and class and it augments the charm of any women. Mayloz gives you best quality Ethnic Wear Online at inexpensive prices. Show now for custom made dresses online as per your customization needs and get it at your doorstep before any big event.

Customized Indian Wear at Affordable Prices

If you need to attend an exclusive party or any wedding ceremony, there is nothing excited than wearing a designer outfit. Our fashionable collection of haute couture dress is specially curated for a woman who wants dresses with the perfect mix of beauty with elegance. Show your beautiful side and sense of style in customized Indian wear by Mayloz at very inexpensive prices. You will never find such kind of customized Indian wear at affordable prices anywhere else. The way our custom dresses fits your figure will say all about us.

Customized Indian wear is something that is specially designed for you. There is nothing more awkward moment than wearing the same kind of outfit as someone else. Nowadays it is easy to get your hands on made-to-order custom outfits and deliver the outfit specially designed for you at your doorstep in a few days. There are many benefits of custom outfit exclusively designed for you.

First, it will fit your body like a dream come true. Second, you can easily customize color, fabric, design, and patterns of sleeves, necklines, length of a skirt, etc and that too at cheap prices. Imagine, you would have a unique outfit that has many eyes on it, then it will be like the icing on the cake.

So, when there is any wedding event or party in the house, don’t settle with your old boring dresses. Search for custom made Indian ethnic wear, something that just curates for you only.

Why Choose Mayloz for Custom Made Indian Outfits?

•Design a Party Gowns Online •Design Your Own Wedding Dress •Specialist in Plus Size Clothing •Celebrity Gowns & Dresses Customization •Clothing to Fits Everybody Type •Specialized Tailoring & Designing Services •Personalized Service to Clients

Mayloz, among the trendy shopping site for Indian Ethnic Wear, has started to offer custom made Indian outfits online. Right here, Mayloz provides custom-tailored gown, made-to-order wedding dresses to ensure that consumers could get Indian Ethnic outfit in accordance with their full-fledged requirements. Mayloz also promises to give you made-to-measure wedding dresses to overcome fitting issues of wedding outfits.

As all the ethnic outfits are custom made, you will surely enjoy shopping at Mayloz. The brand is also a home for designer sarees, readymade salwar kameez, lehenga choli, and many ethnic wears. The best part with Mayloz is, you can easily design your custom outfit as per your body fitting.

Mayloz is an online shop, especially for Indian ethnic outfit for the wedding with unique designs and patterns, and with a brand-new concept, that is, Designer Studio. Mayloz – a team of young creative minds has originated this new concept in haute couture to ease the shopping experience of its valued customers with new innovations.

Mayloz has started this new concept to help beautiful women to get their dream wedding dresses without any hesitations about price. Many girls can’t afford expensive designer dresses either because of it high ranges or because of a bad online shopping experience. The main goal of Mayloz is to provide exclusive custom made dresses online in every style and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long it will take to design my custom outfit?

It truly depends on the design, style, pattern, and embellishment work. We don’t give any false promises, but it actually takes 1-2 months of time to design any custom outfit. It is highly advisable that you place your order before prior to1-2 months with your actual requirements.

2. Do I have to pay in advance for my bespoke dress?

Yes. After getting payment, we start tailoring your custom dress. We will be continuously in contact with you regarding your requirements before stitching your final outfit. You can even use our sketching services for a preview before final stitching of your bespoke dress.

3. Is my final custom attire will the exact same as the real one?

We are not the original designer or tailor of your stated outfit. But we definite that the material, color shade, work, and all other details would be exactly as the original one. And we will confirm all these from you before designing your final outfit.

4. Can I return my customized outfit it If I am not happy with it?

Yes, you can cancel your order at any time but before shipping. Once, the shipping process starts, you cannot cancel the order. 100% refund may not be given to you as the dress is specially made per your choice and size.

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Buy White Khadi Self Ceremony Kurta Pajama Online from India...
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