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Indian Dhoti Pants For Men

People in India give preferences to the dresses that are being worn for a special occasion or a festival. It must be known to everyone that dhoti pants form one of the important parts in everyone’s life in India.

These attires are meant to form the crust of Indian Culture. This type of clothing is predominantly famous in the southern part of India but not minimizing its popularity in the northern parts of India as well. People in South term it as “Vashti” in Tamil, “Mundu” in Malayalam, “Pancho” in Kannada and “Pancha” in Telugu.

In the Northern regions of India, it is predominantly known as dhoti with slight variations amongst the various parts of the states. This leads to the ultimate question as to what is dhoti and why is it being so famous when it comes to India. Well, one could term it as a part of the tradition and the next would be the comfort level that one might get wearing this costume.

This is nothing but a piece of cloth wrapped around the legs in a fashion that not only looks ethnic but also a way to look way more comfortable. If a person is interested in buying this stuff, then quick advice would be to reach us at Mayloz. Our Dhoti Pants are branded and exclusive which is something that every person from India, as well as Indians in the US, watch out for. Buy dhoti online in India for a unique look & style and stand out everywhere.

Custom Made Indian Dhoti Pants for Men

One must know that dhoti pants are the easiest cloth to wear and get accustomed to its ultimate comfort. It is nothing but a rectangular piece of cloth that is unstitched with five yards in length. It is wrapped around the legs and the waist with the knot being on the waist.

It is worn in different styles in various parts of India. We have custom made Indian dhoti pants for men and offer you ready-made dhoti pants that could be worn without any difficulty. It is something that even foreigners visiting India do not hesitate to try out the attire.

Dhoti Pants Culture

Wearing dhoti pants has been in tradition for several years. Dhoti pants are worn by Sages, Gurus, Baba’s daily as their main attire and people are stated to wear dhoti pants to enter the Temples in the southern region of India. It is meant to represent the long-term tradition and as a matter of fact, even Mahatma Gandhi used to wear dhotis to value it.

Dhotis are said to be the purest form of cloth. It means a cloth that could be easily worn in “Sanskrit”. As a principle, people in India consider wearing clean clothes for worshiping and dhotis are meant to be the purest form of the cloth. This is one of the prime reasons for dhotis being used in all the traditional events even today.

Another reason for wearing men dhotis is that it is perfect due to the weather conditions in every part of India which is predominantly hotter during most of the seasons. The comfort that dhotis provide is something that one might not find in any other clothing.

Online Shopping of Indian Dhotis for Men

People might say that it is not a good idea to buy dhotis online. There are people who believe in seeing the stuff and then finalizing it. This is perfect to an extent but what if we say that one can find awesome dhotis with different variation as per the tradition. At Mayloz, men can find excellent dhotis in different colors such as purple, black, cream, blue, as well as red.

Our dhotis are quite easy to wear on and available for purchase all the time. We never compromise on the quality of the clothing as we want our customers to have the best experience possible. Dhotis in the US are quite difficult to find and are also quite costlier in the city. Our product could be trusted completely with the quality as well as the price. We offer multiple dhoti pant designs for men.

Additionally, at Mayloz, we also do the door delivery process of the products. As soon as you place the order, we start processing your order and make sure to deliver the choice of your dhoti at your place within a week. We can assure buy Indian dhotis for men it would be worth every penny and will bring an immense amount of joy upon seeing the stuff.

Alluring Types of Dhoti Pants

When a person specifies dhoti pants to anybody, people consider it as a piece of rectangular cloth of a certain length wrapped around the legs and that is it. Well, to a certain extent they are correct but there is a lot to dhotis that a person thinks or has a perception about it. It is termed differently and worn completely in a different style which one might find astonishing.

People predominantly prefer wearing cotton dhotis on a regular basis but when it comes to tradition, they are quite particular about wearing dhotis from silk. Most of the occasions when people wear dhoti pants are special occasions such as marriages. You can purchase designer dhotis for a wedding and attend wedding turning everybody's head.

In the northern part of India, dhotis are worn along with Kurta that blends along smoothly. In Tamil Nadu, it is known as “Vashti”. It is worn on every special occasion such as marriages, festivals, celebrations as well as on a regular basis. This is because the weather in the state is predominantly hot and humid. This makes it necessary to wear clothes that perfectly suit in accordance with the weather as well as provide comfort. PanchaKatcham implies five folds.

This is one of the prime styles that is followed by people who are Brahmins across different parts of India. This attire is followed in most of the rituals as well as on marriage occasions. When worn properly, it looks like a skirt and makes it easier for men to walk around freely with no difficulty. Mayloz prides itself on delivering alluring types of dhoti pants, kurta pajama for men, Turbans for men, so place your order now and enjoy it.

Reasons for Wearing Dhoti Pants

People in India also prefer wearing dhotis on a regular basis. There are many reasons for wearing dhoti pants. The weather conditions in most of the parts of India are quite hot and humid. Due to this, it is not convenient for a person to wear jeans and clothes made from other fabric material than cotton. As it is just a piece of rectangular cloth that needs to be wrapped around the legs, it is quite easy to wear and the comfort level that it provides is quite beneficial.

Hence, most of the individuals in the southern part of India wear dhoti pants daily. Simply place your order at Mayloz and buy dhoti online in India, USA, UK, and UAE. These traditional Indian dhoti pants for men will surely create a unique style!

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