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Legging & Jegging

Leggings and jeggings

Leggings and jeggings started to be common among people when there was a need for something more snuggly than the tights. Leggings are the thicker version of tights mostly made of cotton and wool. It is usually used in colder regions where it is harder to wear frocks with cotton panties. Leggings are skin tight and cover the legs and feet. There is always a pair of leggings each for one leg. They can be used as women clothing like leg warmers and well as legwear under the frocks and miniskirts. Being made of soft and warm material leggings are often the attention of most people. They can be worn by women as well as men. Pure woolen leggings are the ones with the best quality and are often very expensive. There are leggings of thinner material as well. Some of them are just worn to look pretty and stylish. These kinds of leggings are made of net and are often see through. Leggings are also seen of different designs with beautifully crafted colors. The leggings especially designed for kids are rainbow colored, striped, polka dotted and with floral women ethnic wear designs as well.

On the other hand, jeggings are divided into two different categories. One is in resemblance to the legging material and denim like. The jeggings are comparatively softer and are designed just like jeans with fake pockets and belt loops. The jeggings have the same elasticity as the leggings only they are softer than the leggings. Jeggings also come in various colors but being the tighter version of jeans are often made in blue color resembling the jeans. The elastic waistbands on the jeggings make it easier for everyone to wear. Whether the person is skinny or healthy these jeggings fit everyone easily.

Being made up stretchy and elastic material it is often worn by everyone. The standard of the leggings and jeggings depend on the quality of material used. Now being manufactured and used by most of the people around the globe it has also become famous and is used not only in the western and colder regions but is also used as a fashion item and style. These leggings and jeggings can be easily purchased at many stores and is now being made by different companies as well for the convenience of the customers.

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