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Ethnic Charm of Men’s Turbans

Any Indian wedding attire for men is incomplete without a man's turban. In the absence of this customary headwear, there may not even be a ceremony worth looking forward to. Trending Indian attires such as the sherwani is usually complemented with a matching men's turban. Explore an abundant collection of men’s turbans with trendy designs suited perfectly for even the most premium of Indian weddings. Moreover, ethnic turbans go way back to the early royal traditions of India and thus a royal appeal is found in all ethnic men wearing it. Men's turbans are also known as pagris and are a customary headwear accessory for all men attending Indian weddings. In fact, a men’s turban is a necessity for the very groom of the wedding and hence completes the very look of Indian weddings. Wearing a men’s turban is bound to make you feel royal, so don’t attend an Indian wedding without getting a classic turban from Mayloz. Our Turbans for men are exclusive and unlike common ones you’ll find at other stores, they were made to bring about a premium look and match our extensive collection of men’s wedding wear. Feel the ethnic charm of men’s turbans and let us help you have a perfect look at weddings.

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Browse from an abundant collection and Buy Men’s Wedding Turban Online at Mayloz. You’ll love the range of colors that await your selection here – beige, blue, cream, maroon, red, white, yellow, and more. Premium fabrics accompanied by beautiful pearls will surely bring about that royal look perfectly suited for all forms of Indian weddings. Complete your wedding attire with the most trending men’s wedding turban available only at Mayloz, you can surely find designer collections that will transform the look of your wedding outfit into a royal one. At Mayloz, men’s turbans are not only affordable but are also available for shipment worldwide –select from multiple shipping companies such as DHL and FedEx. If you reside in India, you may even choose to pay cash on delivery. No matter where you reside, Mayloz is dedicated to getting your wedding turban delivered in time for your wedding ceremony. You may also want to pick out a matching sherwani or other bridal wear to enhance your wedding look. So Buy men’s turban online now and enjoy the highest quality of a material. Mayloz has the latest collection of men’s wedding turban online in India in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia! Hurry Buy Now Turbans for Men Online Shopping!

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Turbans are widely referred to as a men’s pagri in India and are available in several styles, each of which is distinct to an occasion or to the wearer’s religion or region. They also differ in size, shape, and color depending on the purpose of the wearer. You’re bound to spot men’s pagris accompanied by a customary outfit at an Indian wedding. In fact, most Sikhs wear them every day, the pagri is a symbol of honor and respect for them.

The color of a men’s pagri usually indicates an occasion or situation, for instance – white represents peace and is mostly worn by elders whereas pink or red represents occasions such as marriage ceremonies. Although there are many more portrayals to differing colors, it is no longer a concern to the current generation and thus can be worn simply to match your attire. Some even wear turbans simply to protect their hair from dust and pollution. Maylozcollection of men’s wedding turbans is favored among wedding planners, clothing designers, and even men planning out their own wedding. So Make a New Style Statement! Buy men’s wedding turban at Mayloz and become even more handsome.

Men’s Turbans represents Indian Culture

India, known to be a country with over 1.3 billion people, is the bearer of multiple traditions and the Gujaratis wearing men's turbans during their wedding represents an old heritage. The history behind turbans goes way back to the early centuries, where royal families would wear them usually to indicate honor, respect, and mostly royalty. However, this royal headwear thought fit for royals can now be worn by anyone and certainly does bring along the feeling of being royalty. Men’s Turbans represent Indian tradition and culture so you can also look amazing when wearing a man's turban. Men wearing a turban today reflect not only old tradition but complement Indian wedding outfits such as the sherwani, kurta, and indo-western suit – all of which can be found at Mayloz. Being accessorized with a customary headwear is considered compulsory, especially for the groom of a most Indian wedding.

Men’s Pagri Portrays Religion

Men’s Pagri portrays religion for some people. Sikhs wear men's turban to represent the paragon of Sikh teachings, to respect their elders and perform good deeds. Men's turban is also worn to protect the long uncut hair of Sikhs. It is also compulsory for all Sikh men to wear a turban, this was made official by the tenth Guru of the Sikhs – Guru Gobind Singh. Wearing a pagri is said to keep the hair clean, nurture equality, and safeguard the Sikh name. Although it isn’t mandatory, even women can wear a turban if they want. If you ever spot a man wearing a turban in the streets, you may be able to distinguish his religion. In fact, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs has said that “Sikhs will be recognized among millions”. Before the appearance of Gobind Singh, men's turban was supposedly only to be worn by men belonging to upper-class families. All that has changed in order to abolish the class system affiliated with turbans. The pagri’s color may indicate a connection with a specific group of Sikhs, however, all that has changed and colors are now chosen based on taste, trend, and fashion.

Various Styles of Men's Turbans at Mayloz

Since the old ages to the present day, the most typical headwear for Indian men has been a turban. Normally, a men's turban is a piece of cloth wrapped around the head in a peculiar way. However, readymade men's turbans are available nowadays and thus wrapping it around the head is no longer necessary. Even though turbas for men are meant to be worn outdoors, many wear them indoors as well. The pattern, fabric, color on the fabric, and wrapping styles of men's turban may also specify the wearer’s religion, social status, occasion, and profession. There are Various Styles of Men's Turbans at Mayloz you can buy and enjoy wearing them. Usually, the fabric is dyed a certain color and outlined with another contrasting color. Men's turbans worn by royalty were usually made of expensive fabrics such as silk and were even stamped with threads made of pure gold. There are multiple ways men's turban can be wrapped around the head. Turbans for men continue to be worn by men all over India and have been made compulsory for certain religions such as Sikhism and Islam. In fact, men's turbans are now worn by men simply to hide hair loss or to keep their hair clean and protected from the pollution in the air.

The variety of men’s turbans at Mayloz

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In our internet store, you can buy wedding pagri online and be sure that your wedding will be the most stunning anyone ever seen. The most decorative and just breathtaking men’s turbans, the wedding pagri, were designed to add a regal look to every groom. With us, you can buy traditional men’s wedding pagri and make sure that your beautiful marriage will have an even more beautiful beginning. There is no better way to show your family and beloved one how you want your marriage to be. And it will be like your pagri, graceful and full of deep, rich colors.