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World of Indian Designer Saree | USA

One of the favorite things that women like to do is dressing up, but finding the perfectly designed outfit is a really tough job. One of their favorite outfits is the Indian Sari, available in various designs & patterns to choose from.

Observing this scenario the top clothing brands like Mayloz decided to launch online ethnic wear offering the best outfits at reasonable prices. Mayloz has flourished a lot since its establishment providing the fantastically stitched traditional and cultural clothing. Mayloz is the best partner at the time of fashion emergency as it delivers your attire within a few business days right on your door-step.

Mayloz has a wide range of every kind of ethnic wear, namely sarees, kurtis, salwar kameez, gowns and lehenga choli at a premium as well as affordable rates. So, if you are up for Bridal  Sarees Online Shopping then Mayloz is the perfect place for you. Stock your wardrobe with the best in the market. The designer collection of Indian sarees online available at Mayloz are distributed into five categories. 

Indian Saree

A sari or saree is a ladies garment in the India & subcontinent countries. It is made up of fabric varying from five to eight yards (4.5 meters to 8 meters) in length and two to four feet (60 cm to 1.20 m) in diameter. Women normally wear it around the waist, with one end draped or passed over the shoulder. In that case, midriff will appear as bare. In the contemporary Indian subcontinent, the sari is broadly considered a sign of style, elegance, and pride. Grab designer sarees for all occasions either for a festival or for office use with online saree shopping USA.

The term sari clarified in Sanskrit which means 'strip of fabric’, and that was corrupt into in contemporary Indian languages. The term 'Sattika' is known as explaining women's apparel in early India in Sanskrit Buddhist and literature named Jatakas. The word for a feminine bodice, the choli developed from early Stanapatta. Aside from the conventional "petticoat," it might also be known as "interior skirt" or a skirt. Check out the vast collection of Indian Saree Online USA. 

Origins and History

In the background of Indian clothes, the sari is found in the times of Indus Valley Civilisation. This civilization prospered during 2800--1800 BC. The sari is developed by a three-piece outfit containing the Antriya, the reduced garment; the Uttariya; a veil worn across the shoulder or the mind; along with also the Stanapatta, a chest ring. This complete three-piece apparel was called Poshak, the generic expression for a costume.

Similarly, Stanapatta evolved to choli, Antariya and Uttariya were united to form one garment called sari cited in Pali literature, which served the purpose of 2 clothing in one-piece. In ancient Indian heritage and also the Natya Shastra, the navel of this Supreme Being is regarded as the source of imagination and life, thus the midriff will be left bare from the sari.

According to paintings and sculptures, tight bodices or cholis are considered to be evolved in numerous regional designs. Historical cholis were front covering tied in the back; this fashion has been prevalent in parts of early northern India. This first form of bodice or choli continues to be commonplace in the condition of Rajasthan today.

In Southern parts of India, choli is popularly referred to as ravikie that's tied in the front rather than back, kasuti is a conventional form of embroidery used for cholis inside this area.

In the country of Nepal, choli is generally known as cholo and also chaubandi cholo. It is tied from the front side.

Red is the most favorite color for wedding saris and therefore are accessible garment option for brides in Indian culture.

Women traditionally wore different kinds of traditional handloom sarees made of silk, georgette, cotton, ikkat, block-printed style, embroidery work, handwork, and tie-dye fabrics. Gota Patti is a popular form of classic embroidery utilized on saris for formal events. Today, contemporary fabrics such as lace, georgette, and charmeuse are also frequently utilized.

Marriage & Bride Indian Sarees

Mayloz has a wide collection of bridal & marriage sarees which are designed to perfection. Now you can buy the perfect wedding outfit at really low rates. So whenever you are in the mood for Silk Cotton Sarees online shopping for a wedding, visit Mayloz. Need something for the beautiful bride, welcome to Surat Saree market or bazaar courtesy Mayloz.

Daily wear Sarees

Indian Saree online can be worn as a regular dress as it is perfect attire for a normal day. Mayloz has launched a collection of extremely trendy and stylish daily use saris which will be perfect for a regular user. Being made of light and long-lasting material they can be worn both at home and at work available at economical price ranges.

Half and half Sarees

The trend of half and half sarees started in South India and ever since then they are worn all over the globe. Mayloz has a wide collection of amazing half and half sarees, which are perfect for a ceremony as well as for a party.

Lehenga Style Sarees

Lehenga Style Sarees are mostly worn for party, wedding and holy festivals. Mayloz offers a vast collection of the most sophisticated and fancy lehenga style sarees which are perfect if you want to wear it for a party or any other occasion.

Designing and Styling the Saree

Saree basically consists of a drape which is typically wrapped around your waist and the other end lies on your shoulder. It looks elegant yet fancy at the same time. Saree is worn with a blouse or petticoat which is stitched in fitting.

The blouse is often cropped at the waist to make it even more stylish. Sarees are of different styles and designs. One can wear saree with a full blouse and completely wrap the drape around the waist.

The young girls prefer wearing it with a short sleeveless top which looks extremely beautiful. Mayloz offers a wide range of fancy and regular sarees which are perfect to wear for any type of occasion. Whether you want it to be a wedding dress or a daily wear dress, saree is the best outfit for every season and occasion.

Selection of the right colors

Sari is a traditional Indian outfit is often chosen to be of bright and breezy colors. Red, yellow, maroon, orange, green, blue and yellow are the colors often chosen for a fancy saree. Black saree looks elegant. The stylists at Mayloz carefully blend in different colors making a perfect combination for each and every garment available on their online store.

Color is the main thing that catches everyone’s attention even from really far away which is why everyone wishes to wear the perfect mix of colors which feel and look good. The selection of colors are outrageous as the fashion sense and the stylists at Mayloz is exquisite. The fact that saree looks ice in every color is admitted by everyone.

All designers have to do is perfectly select the finest color combination to design the saree. Whenever you feel like there is a party coming up always feel free to Buy Pure Banarasi Silk Sarees from the Mayloz Online Store.

Fabric and embellishments used

The fabric used to design a fancy Indian saree online is mostly pure silk, banarasi, georgette, velvet, cotton, and chiffon. The designers at Mayloz carefully select the long-lasting and durable fabric which is comfortable and fancy at the same time. The selection of the fabric is the hardest thing to do as people often complain about it the most.

Most of the companies do not look out for the fabric quality which is why they cannot be trusted. Mayloz uses a wide range of materials to design their dresses. The fabrics used are cotton, silk, banarasi, art silk, velvet, chiffon, georgette, Chanderi, and crepe.

Along with the perfect selection of colors, the designers also use fancy embellishments like beadwork, broaches, embroideries, zari, Resham work, gota work, and buttons to enhance the beauty of the Saree. Now you can Buy Party Wear Sarees Online at reasonable and affordable rates.

Styles of draping

You will find over 80 listed ways to put on a designer sari. The most common design is really for the sari to be worn around the waist, using all the loose end to be worn across the shoulder, keeping the midriff as bare. On the other hand, the sari could be draped in many distinct styles, although some fashions do need that a sari of a specific length or form. The French cultural anthropologist and sari researcher Chantal Boulanger categorized sari curtains in the subsequent households.


Nivi fashions were initially worn in the region of Andhra Pradesh state of South India. Also, Karnataka is having the same style. Besides the contemporary nivi, in kaccha nivi, the pleats are passed all across the legs and tucked inside the waist in the back. 

Gujarati, Rajasthani or Pakistani Style

After tucking from the pleats like the nivi design, the loose end is taken at the back, draped around the shoulder, and pulled around to be procured from the back.

Bengali and Odia design

This is worn with no pleats. Traditionally in a Bengali design, the saree is worn with no pleats and is wrapped around within an anti-clockwise direction around the waist and another time in another direction. The loose end is a whole lot more, and that goes around the body across the shoulder. There's sufficient fabric left to pay the head too.

The Awadhi & Bhojpuri

This language talking community wears the sari pallu known as sedha pallu such as the Gujarati drape. The girls of the Rajbanshi communities traditionally wear their sari free of choli and attached beneath the neck such as a towel, but now only old girls wear it in that fashion. Now the nivi along with the Bengali curtains are more popular now. 


The traditional Newari sari wearing style is also, folding the sari up to the knee length and then putting on as a nivi sari. However, the pallu isn't worn throughout the chest and instead is tied around the waist and leaving it drops out into the knee. 

Nepali Saree

Nepal has several distinct forms of draping sari, now the most frequent is that the Nivi drape. 

Kodagu design

This drape is restricted to women hailing from the Kodagu district of Karnataka. In this manner, the pleats are made from the trunk, rather than the front. The far end of the sari is drawn to front from the back over the shoulder and can be pinned to the remaining part of the sari.


This drape is usual for Iyengar/Iyer Brahmin women from Tamil Nadu. Conventional Madisar is worn with 9 yards saree.


This drape is quite much like that of the man Maharashtrian dhoti, even though there are lots of regional and social variations. The middle of the lengthwise sari is kept in the middle back; the ends are stretched forward and tied tightly, then the two ends are wrapped around the thighs. An extra-long fabric of two yards is utilized, and the ends are passed up above the shoulders and the upper body. Brahmin girls wore the design that differs from the Marathas.

Pin Kosuvam

This is the conventional Tamil Nadu design

Gobbe Seere

Girls wear this design in the Malnad or Sahyadri and significant area of Karnataka. It's worn in style in which 18 molas saree is draped with three-four rounds in the midsection along with a knot following crisscrossing above shoulders.


Khasi fashion of sari is called Jainsem that's composed of many pieces of fabric, giving the body a cylindrical type of shape. It is made from unbleached cotton and accompanied with colored or gold stripes or boundaries. 


This sari design is a garment of three set called Mekhela chador. The bottom part, draped in the waist downwards is named Mekhela and veil is called Chadar and can be worn with extended sleeve choli.

Kunbi design or Denthli

Goan Gauda and Kunbis. Many who have migrated into other countries utilize this manner of draping Sari or Kappad. This form of draping is produced by tying a knot at the cloth beneath the shoulder along with a strip of fabric which spanned the left shoulder has been secured on the back.


This sari design can be worn with a three-set garment called Innaphi veil, Phanek lower wrapping and long sleeved choli.

Kerala Saree

Additionally, there is a Kerala saree, a kind of mundum neryathum.

Tribal designs -- frequently ensured by tying them securely across the chest, covering the breasts.

Ornamentation & Cosmetic Accessories Work

There is a large display of traditional sarees using gota patti embroidery for festive events at the clothes store.

Saris are stitched with a single simple end, two extended decorative borders conducting the length of the sari, and a one to the three-foot section in another end that lasts and elaborates the length-wise decoration. This conclusion is known as the pallu; it's the component thrown over the shoulder at the nivi manner of draping.

The rich people can afford finely woven, silk saris that, even based on folklore, might be passed via a finger ring. All saris are handwoven and represent a major investment of time or money.

Designer Sarees Online USA

Simple hand-woven villagers' saris are usually decorated with stripes or checks woven into the fabric.

Costlier saris had elaborate floral, geometric, or figurative decorations or brocades made on the loom, as a portion of the cloth. Occasionally threads of different colors are stitched to the base cloth in embroidery patterns. Other variations like an ornamented edge, long pallu, and frequently repeated accents from the fabric itself are used.

For fancy saris, these routines can be stitched with silver or gold ribbon, which can be known as zari work. Check out best ever designer sarees the online USA to flaunt in the next festival or wedding.

Vaddanam or Kamarband is sari belt utilized to maintain complicated curtains set up.

On occasion, the saris were decorated, after weaving, with a variety of forms of embroidery. Resham function is embroidery done with colored silk thread. Zardozi Ban utilizes silver and gold thread and at times pearls and precious stones. Cheap contemporary variations of zardozi like artificial metallic ribbon and fake gems are used, like imitation pearls and Swarovski crystals. Pair different designs of Imitation Jewellery with Indian Sarees Online USA.

Machine Made Vs Hand Made Sarees 

These days, saris are made on mechanical & electrical looms and made from artificial fibers, like polyester, nylon, or rayon, which do not demand starch or ironing. Machine publishes them or woven into natural patterns created with floats around the back of this sari. This patterns can make an elegant look on the front while appearing not good on the back.  

Hand-woven and handwork sarees are naturally a great deal costlier than the machine made.

Online Saree Shopping in USA, UK, Australia, Canada 

The traditional sari created an effect in the USA during the 1970s. Eugene Novack started New York store & Royal Saree House was selling it primarily to the Indian girls in New York region, but afterward many American business girls and homemakers became his clients who preferred their saris to resemble the full dress of this western world.

Also, he stated that guys seemed intrigued with the fragility, the femininity & the sexiness it confers on the wearer lady. The Newcomers to the sari like it's comfortability to wear, require no girdles or stockings and the flow give a feel of womanhood with elegance. Go for Indian Saris shopping in USA, UK, Australia to wear it for all occasions from our wide assortment of Indian clothing online.

Celebrities in a Designer Sari

The sari has attained its popularity globally due to the development of Indian fashion designing & styles globally. Most Bollywood stars, such as Aishwarya Rai, have been regularly wearing it in global events representing the Indian culture & civilization. In 2010, Bollywood celebrity Deepika Padukone desired to serve her country on a worldwide occasion, wearing the national outfit.

Famous Hollywood actors have worn this everyday apparel. Pamela Anderson created a surprise guest appearance on Bigg Boss, dressed in a saree that was specially made for her by a Mumbai-based style designer Ashley Rebello.

There was an Indian flavor to this red carpet in the Yearly Fashion Rocks concert in New York. Together with designer Rocky S walking the autumn along with Jessica, Ashley, Nicole, Kimberly, and Melody -- that the Pussycat Dolls -- dressed at 2014. American singer Selena Gomez was also seen in a designer Saree for the UNICEF charity event in Nepal. We offer the latest collection of Celebrity inspired Sarees Online USA. Buy celebrity style Indian Designer Sarees the online USA for the wedding at best prices.   

Advantages Provided to the Customers

Mayloz offers a unique collection of ethnic wear as well as full customer support. If you ever stuck in a problem you can connect with them through Whatsapp numbers which are perceptually entertained.

All their magazines and newsletters are composed of high-quality images so that the design of the dress is clearly visible. If you are looking for a perfect place to find fine quality clothes at reasonable prices and discounts then Mayloz is the best.

Mayloz offers on and off sales throughout the year, with sometimes up to 50% off. So now you can easily do Silk Cotton Sarees Shopping Online at Mayloz. We not only ship Indian Saris to USA, UK, UAE, Australia but also shipping across the globe.

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